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Digestive health

Medical community is just starting to fully recognize the importance of digestive health for the individual's wellbeing. Digestion and absorption of food provides us with energy and with building blocks for tissue repair and regeneration. Furthermore, digestive system supplies essential nutrients for normal function of all body systems, and improper digestion or poor absorption of such nutrients often leads to deficiencies that can present in any system. Nutritional deficiency can lead to various health issues: from anemia due to lack of iron or vitamin K; to osteoporosis due to lack of calcium or vitamin D; to irregular heart beat due to deficiency of magnesium; to mood disorders due to deficiency of tryptophan, a building block for serotonin - to name a few.

Dr. Ciuha's believes that digestive health is the most essential factor for an individual's general wellness.

Conditions that are evaluated and treated by her include but are not limited to:

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease is Dr. Ciuha's area of special interest.

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are some of the most common digestive disorders worldwide. Despite of high prevalence, gluten intolerance frequently goes unrecognized.

Gluten sensitivity causes intestinal inflammation, which can lead to malabsorption and nutrient deficiency, or can progress to autoimmune celiac disease, where the intestinal structure is damaged and gluten-related autoantibodies cause damage to other tissues, such as skin, nerves, or joints.

Dr. Ciuha has a very thorough approach to diagnosis of gluten sensitivity, especially to the diagnosis of atypical celiac disease. Her approach to treatment of gluten sensitivity and autoimmune celiac disease is holistic and includes not only dietary guidance but also correction of nutritional deficiency and reduction of inflammation, associated with gluten ingestion in sensitive individuals.