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"I feel fortunate to be able to work on my health under the guidance of Dr. Ciuha. Under her tutelage my health has improved leaps and bounds. I highly recommend her approach to wellness to everyone I meet."
Natasha, 27
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"I found Dr. Nadia at most stressful time of my life. Prior to our first visit, I was seen in the ER for something that resembled heart attack. The ER docs diagnosed me with anxiety and panic disorder, recommended that I see a psychologist and prescribed some anti-anxiety meds. A friend recommended Dr. Ciuha because she had previously treated him for anxiety with naturopathy. So, I decided to try this approach first. She listened to my "story", examined me and asked me whether I generally have any heart symptoms. Sure, I had heart flutter and feeling as if my heart was skipping a beat all the time, that's what landed me in the ER. She told me that I have a peculiar heart murmur and some rhythm problems. She thought that my "anxiety" is not in my head, she said that it was literally "in my heart", and referred me to a cardiologist. The cardio doc did some tests and indeed confirmed that I have an arrhythmia and some heart valve defect. He put me on medication for my rhythm and my "anxiety" stopped! I wonder how bad my condition would have gotten if I just kept going to a shrink, as advised by the ER docs. Thanks, Dr. Nadia!"
James, 48
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"Our entire family: I, my husband and our 4 year old son trust Dr. Ciuha with our health. We always joke that the birth of our son was "her fault", as I originally came to see her for a natural treatment of fibroids. I was told by my gynecologist that I need to have the fibroid surgically removed if I ever want to have children. Dr. Ciuha was able to diagnose a hormonal problem that contributed to my fibroids and, with my hormones balanced, my fibroid shrunk! I got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. That was 4 years ago and we have been her patients ever since."
Margarita, 35
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"When I came to see Dr. Ciuha 2 years ago, I had chronic congestion and sinusitis, and was taking antibiotics non-stop. She diagnosed me with food allergies and recommended some supplements. Long story short: now, I am in such good health that I only come to see her for my annual exams. I highly recommend her."
Roger, 29
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"I cannot express how grateful I am for meeting Dr. Nadia when I did. I found her at a time when I had been dealing with hormonal issues for quite a while and was disillusioned with conventional medicine. Since my very first meeting with her, she has always been very thorough and caring always taking the time to explain the whats, whys, and hows of my condition and treatment. She has helped me get my body back on track by actually solving the root of my problem which is more than I can say about the dozens of doctors that came before her, who only tried to mask my condition. I feel so much better, look better and I'm truly happier! It's Dr. Nadia's heartfelt desire to really help coupled with her ability to combine conventional and natural treatments is what sets her apart. She is the doctor I go to for everything now, from a sore throat to skin care to getting my annual pap smear done. I trust her 100% and feel so fortunate to have her as my family's doctor."
Thais, 27
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"Our 3 year old son had severe eczema, which was only getting worse and not relieved by any medication. When we found Dr. Nadia, we were very desperate for something that works. She diagnosed our son with gluten sensitivity and we started a gluten-free diet for him. After just 2 months of a diet his skin improved so much! Now, 12 months later, he continues doing well and his eczema has not returned. Thank you!"
Rodney, 40
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"Dr. Ciuha has been our family doctor for many years now. She is very knowledgeable and personable. All of us: myself, my husband, our 27 year old son and our 15 year old daughter visit her when we are in need of medical care, be it a common cold, stomach pain or stress-related headaches. My daughter recommends Dr. Ciuha to all of her high-school classmates, she says that Dr. Ciuha is a real doctor."
Courtney, 55
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"For many years, I have been struggling with acne. I tried all of the medications that are commonly prescribed by dermatologists, without any lasting results. When I found Dr. Nadia, I was hopeless and depressed about my skin. What impressed me right away was that she was very thorough in her approach and was actually discussing with me what the possible causes of my condition might be. She checked my hormones and tested me for food allergies - something that all the previous doctors never had done. My tests came positive for milk allergy. When I eliminated dairy from my diet, my skin started improving, for the first time in decades. It was a slow process, but now, two years later, my skin remains clear."
Amanda, 36
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"Dr. Nadia saved my life. She diagnosed me with a very rare type of breast cancer - something that several other doctors diagnosed as a fibrocystic breast disease. Because diagnosis was done early, I had the surgery and chemotherapy. It is 5 years later and I am cancer-free and very grateful."
Martha, 29
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"I was suffering from fatigue, headaches and hair loss. My health was so bad that I was considering closing my business and applying for a disability insurance. A friend recommended that I consult Dr. Ciuha. I was immediately comforted by her kind and optimistic attitude. She reviewed my previous tests, which were many, as you can imagine. She actually spent time with me explaining the details of those test results and her possible diagnoses. She tested me for vitamin D level - something that has not been done before, and those were very low. Once I started on a treatment, my health took such a dramatic turn for better! I felt like a new person in 2 month, it was like a miracle. I recommended her to many of my friends and co-workers and those who visited her speak very highly of her."
Mark, 34
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"When I first visited Dr. Nadia, I was suffering from a rash, which all the previous doctors diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis. I had it treated with numerous prescription shampoos and lotions, but the condition was only getting worse. Dr. Nadia spent significant time with me trying to understand my history and how this condition developed. She looked at my rash and thought that it looks like a different condition, dermatitis herpetiformis. She explained that this condition is often caused by sensitivity to gluten and requested those tests. I was shocked when my tests came positive for celiac disease. I discontinued gluten and not only my rash went away, but also gas and bloating that I had for as long as I can remember. I am so thankful that this condition was caught and finally treated."
Thomas, 50
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"Originally, I saw Dr. Ciuha in search of some natural options to treat my high cholesterol. My internist was advising Lipitor and I did not want to take it. What Dr. Ciuha actually found was that my thyroid was not functioning well. As soon as we treated my hypothyroidism, my cholesterol decreased by itself. I am so amazed that she looked further into what was causing my cholesterol instead of just providing me with some natural supplement to decrease it. The supplements would have worked, I am sure, but now that she found the root of the problem, I am truly better."
Jake, 42
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"I had been suffering from chronic pain, fatigue and headaches as a result of traumatic injury. By the time I started seeing Dr. Ciuha, I have been on several pain medications, none of which seem to provide a complete relief. My treating neurologist was recommending a surgery to relieve a disc compression in my neck. She started weekly cranio-sacral therapy sessions with me and after just four sessions my pain decreased to such a degree that I was able to decrease two of my stronger pain medications. After three months of cranio-sacral therapy, I felt more energetic and my pain subsided so that I was able to stop my pain medications altogether. Now, 18 months later, I am still pain-free and only occasionally get my cranio-sacral therapy with her, mainly for stress relief. Not to mention that I was able to avoid an invasive surgery!"
Lynn, 37
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"I found Dr. Nadia when looking for a naturopath to help me to get through a very harsh chemotherapy treatment for malignant melanoma. Her naturopathic treatments helped me to get through the chemo without losing too much weight and without feeling too fatigued. She also helped to lessen the side effects of my conventional oncology treatments, something that I extremely appreciate. I am here today, a year later and doing well - something to which I believe Dr. Nadia contributed as much as my conventional oncologist."
Andrew, 54
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"For many years, I have been battling adult acne. I have tried all the prescription medications, including two rounds of Acutane, but my acne was never resolving. Dr. Ciuha was the first doctor in many years who looked at my condition holistically. She explained to me that skin problems are never only skin problems, that there is something systemic that is causing my acne. She took a very comprehensive history, did a detailed exam and ordered several tests. I was found to have hormonal imbalances, something that in a long run could lead to diabetes, as well. Once my hormones were addressed, my skin started improving. I trust her with all my health issues now."
Natalie, 26
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"For years, I struggled with digestive difficulties and acne. After more than a decade of visiting conventional doctors, specialists and even certain naturopathic doctors, I found Dr. Ciuha. She was able to make suggestions in lifestyle changes that have had truly lasting effects. Dr. Ciuha excels in treating the patient as a whole and combating the root cause of the problems rather than merely the superficial symptoms. She also has a real knack for spot-on diagnoses. More recently, I had an acute sickness that impaired my upper-body mobility, and Dr. Ciuha was able to get me right back on the track to healthy living!"
Alexandra, 28; Berkeley, CA
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"As one grows older the relationship with doctors and what we expect from them changes. In my case this has meant seeking to have intelligent conversations, as I feel we become our own physicians too, and therefore what we have to say is important for any diagnosis and treatment. It is very difficult to find a doctor secure and kind enough to engage in that sort of conversation, speaking from deeper knowledge but allowing the patient to be more active. Doctor Ciuha has that wisdom. I have never been disappointed by her diagnoses, prognoses or treatment. She is both conservative and imaginative and her bedside manner is part of the curative process."
Edgar, 61