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"For many years I have been suffering from digestive issues and very aggressive psoriasis. The fragmented care that I was getting from various specialists was not providing any relief. I found Dr. Nadia after long and desperate search for a physician who could connect all the dots, as I myself believed that my problems all have one underlying cause. Dr. Nadia surpassed my expectations. Not only she turned out to be an excellent diagnostician and found the cause of my various conditions, which turned out to be hereditary immune deficiency, but she was the first doctor who treated me as her equal. Previously, I have heard a lot of rather humiliating remarks from doctors, especially those who conveniently labeled me as being depressed. With Dr. Nadia, I found not only relief from my physical symptoms, but also trust in myself and improved emotional well-being."
Loraine, 43
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"Our 13-year old daughter has been having abdominal pain that has been so disruptive that she was missing school for several weeks at a time. We have seen various specialists, who diagnosed her with IBS and prescribed anti-depressants. Despite the medication, her condition continued to worsen. A friend recommended that we see Dr. Ciuha. Desperate, we decided to try. From the start, Dr. Ciuha impressed us all, and especially our daughter, with her kind and thoughtful approach. She looked at our daughter's health holistically, actually explaining to us her thinking process, what she suspects might be going on and why. She ran several tests and found out that our daughter has celiac disease. Once we started on a gluten-free diet, it was like night and day. It has been 12 months since the diagnosis and although our daughter has occasional relapses, her general health is much better. We are very thankful for Dr. Ciuha and chose her as our daughter's primary physician, as well."
Adam, 56
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"I have been suffering from autoimmune disorder, which was managed by various medications, most of them with multiple side effects. I contacted Dr. Ciuha seeking help in reducing those side-effects. We have been working together for 5 years, and in those years, we were able to achieve much more than I originally hoped for. With her treatments, my general health improved to such a degree that I was able to discontinue my conventional meds."
Jay, 58
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"I had abdominal pain, indigestion, hair loss and skin rashes. The multiple doctors that I visited before Dr. Nadia did not have any definitive answers for me. She spent time and energy looking into the cause of my condition and found that I had chronic heavy metal toxicity. Under her guidance, I did a detoxification and my puzzling symptoms went away. This was 3 years ago. Since then, I trust Dr. Nadia with all my health issues. Even when I see other specialists or healthcare providers, I check in with her to make sure she agrees with their diagnoses and recommended treatments. I completely trust her."
Kevin, 40
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"I had such pain in my knees, I thought I would never jog again. My KP doctor told me it was osteoporosis and it came with age. In other words, get used to it. I refused to accept this and quickly began my search for a naturopathic doctor. I found Doctor Ciuha. On my first visit, after listening intently to my symptoms, Doctor Ciuha advised me to eliminate gluten from my diet and made a few other recommendations. I followed her guidance and two weeks later, I was jogging again! This was about 6 years ago and I still consider Doctor Ciuha a blessing. She is my advisor and partner in my ongoing effort to achieve optimal health. I am 3 months from age 56 and I am healthier and more fit than I was at 30. Thanks to Doctor Ciuha, I know it is possible to be healthy at all ages and what is necessary to achieve that goal. LIFE IS GOOD!"
Veronica, 55
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"I came to see Dr. Nadia after losing clumps of hair and being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Little did I know that my first appointment would begin a transformation in how I view health care and what I expect from physicians. As a patient of Dr. Nadia's, I feel as if I am participating in my own health care. Her diagnoses and treatments are based on information she gathers from actively listening to me and my body. She has been instrumental in getting my hypoactive thyroid under control; helping me live with adrenal insufficiency; and generally being more healthy overall during the extensive travel I do for work, often to developing countries. Her approach to health care integrates the whole person, and I have found it to be very successful, and have recommended her to several friends."
Robbie, 37